Art of the street (Part 1)

At LFH, we’re always on the lookout for stuff that inspires us and, for me, street art fits the bill perfectly. I love the way that urban artists offer up a humorous thought, social commentary and the way that they add splashes of colour to this grey, concrete city we live in. There are, of course, […]
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When art and nature collide

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Alec Finlay, an artist, poet and publisher, recently created these mesostic poems – a technique where a vertical phrase (or line of typography) intersects with horizontal text - as part of his residency at the outstandingly inspiring Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Interestingly, Alec has expanded upon the idea in the form of a stunning compendium of mesostic poems […]
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The Etam Cru

This summer we travelled overland from London to the Crimea. As you can imagine, I have enough stories – funny, tragic, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring and, at times, thought-provoking – to last me a lifetime (including a kidnapping, near-death experience on the border of Poland and the Ukraine – never a dull moment!). By far, the most […]
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Maîtres de l’Affiche

In my beautiful home town of Uppingham, there resides a man who – somewhat modestly – describes himself as a ‘shop-keeper’. He is, in fact – in the words of writer, Iain Sinclair – “a one man Arts Council”. Mike Goldmark is the owner and curator of the ‘Goldmark Gallery‘, an extraordinary space packed full […]
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Walking in beauty

Last weekend, while walking with friends along the ‘Marriott’s Way‘ – a disused railway line turned public bridleway that runs along the ‘River Wensum’ in Norfolk – we came across a collection of interesting sculptures that got me thinking about art and functionality. The metalwork has been created by a local artist/blacksmith duo, John Behm […]
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The Hackney House Pop-up

Here’s a little something I discovered on the weekend whilst wondering around. It’s the small things like this, that makes Shoreditch such a vibrant place. These shots are of the exterior of ‘Hackney House‘, a pop-up space that showcases business and cultural ideas during the Olympics and the Paralympics. Sadly, despite loads of research, none […]
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Strolling along Southbank at the weekend, I stumbled across the ‘aMAZEme project‘ at the Clore Ballroom at the ‘Royal Festival Hall‘. This is an amazing sight to behold – over 250,000 books creating a giant labyrinth that the audience can walk through and interact with. The art installation covers 500 square metres and was created by […]
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Sustainability, a new theme in art

A few weeks ago, I visited a new art gallery right in the gritty heart of Hoxton Market. It’s an up-cycled florist shop which has comically retained the shop name ‘A Brooks‘, now a destination for showcasing the rising stars of the British arts scene. The show that I saw (the gallery’s second) featured a conceptual […]
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London 2012 – The Olympic Cauldron

Jean Cocteau once said ‘The earth keeps turning around and gets nowhere. The moment is the only thing that counts’. In my mind, Thomas Heatherwick’s Olympic Cauldron has become a unique moment in history. Already a fan of Mr Heatherwick’s ground-breaking works in sculpture, design and architecture – in particular, his Bleigiessen at the Welcome Trust, […]
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Maurizio Anzeri and Robert Breer

A few months ago, we nipped along to the stunning Baltic arts centre in Gateshead. I’ve been aching to visit ever since it opened, not just for its ever changing art exhibition but also because the building is such a wonderful example of inner city regeneration. The British public’s engagement with such spaces never ceases to amaze […]
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