Tia Maria


Once the world’s biggest liqueur, Tia Maria had lost its way, lackeda strong identity and had recessed into the dark and forgotten areas of the bar. It was time to shift the perception of the brand as an after dinner/Christmas drink, and make it more relevant to today’s growing trend for cocktails.


The key challenges were firstly to give Tia Maria an exciting new visual identity that would portray the irresistible allure of the product’s promise and it’s 17th century Caribbean recipe. We also neededto communicate the sensuality of drinking such a rich and exotic tasting liqueur. Finally, the new design needed to have strong shelf presence, especially in the bar environment, enabling Tia Mariato be the cocktail choice of a young, urban target audience, without alienating its existing consumer base.


The new design communicates Tia Maria’s versatility as the preferred cocktail ingredient. The crest alludes to the brand’s heritage, as well the credibility of the Tia Maria secret recipe. The wordmark has been refined to strengthen brand visibility and recognition, whilst the swathes of red communicate passion and sensuality, and the iconic black bottle suggests dark indulgence and intrigue. The new design returns Tia Maria to the forefront of the bar, ready to be enjoyed by men and women, either on its own or as part of a cocktail.

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