Grant’s Brand Icon


William Grant & Sons is a family-owned business. Following on from our award-winning work on the global redesign of Grant’s whisky, which helped elevate the brand to the third biggest blended whisky in the world, the need to create a strong and distinctive brand icon became apparent, in order to communicate the Grant’s story and provide a recognisable visual equity for the brand.


The new icon needed to encapsulate the values of the Grant’s brand, communicate the five generations of Grant’s family heritage and balance this with representing how Grant’s are constantly evolving their product.


The Grant’s tree has five branches which reflect the five generations of Grant's family heritage; the trunk of the tree signifies how knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. The five branches also symbolise the qualities and values of the Grant’s brand - continuity, solidity, strength, craftsmanship, trust, quality and growth. The canopy depicts growth and, warmth, and alludes to how Grant’s consistently evolve and hone their whiskies, to ensure that their consumers always drink the best.

The roots of the tree lie deep in the ground, drawing up nutrients and providing a solid base for growth. The origins of Grant’s whisky making date back to 1887, and Grant’s still draws on this expertise today.

The tree and Five Generations of whisky making branding device is used across all primary packaging.

‘Established in 1887' represents when the tree was planted and gives it strength, leaving the tree to convey vitality and life.

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