Fazer Crisp


Fazer Crispbread is a modern and tasty product for those looking after their own well-being. Thin Fazer Crisp, made of wholemeal rye, is a unique Finnish product, baked in the traditional way using sourdough. The result is a crispbread full of unique aroma that also meets the modern day health requirements. The recent decline in sales of Fazer Crisp is primarily due to an increase in competitive activity, which in turn has driven the need for Fazer to strengthen its offering.


To re-establish Fazer Crisp as a leading player in the category by clearly communicating the product’s pure and naturally healthy ingredients, whilst at the same time reflecting the Scandinavian origin of the brand. The products in this range are naturally healthy, rich in fibre and have no additives. It was therefore essential to clearly communicate these health benefits on pack. We also needed to create a strong and consistent range feel, linking together the three flavours in the range, to create strong shelf stand out and a family feel.


An organic, stone colour palette was chosen to reflect the naturalness, healthy attributes and Nordic heritage of the Fazer Crisp brand. A colour strip device across all variants was used, highlighting individual product benefits, whilst balancing this with the blue of the Fazer masterbrand. Photography was used to create appetite appeal, focussing on ingredients and usage occasions.

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