Brand Revitalisation


Tia Maria was a brand that had lost its way. Hiding in the dark recesses of the bar and wheeled out only for Christmas, something needed to change.

The Challenge

We needed to shift the perception of the brand into a modern and contemporary cocktail ingredient, talking to a new audience and using the product in a different way. We wanted to tell the Tia Maria’s authentic and compelling product story to the consumer and communicate the sensuality and passion for Tia Maria, the world’s oldest liqueur.

Illumination (The Big Idea)

The new design returns Tia Maria to the forefront of the bar. The wordmark has been refined to strengthen brand visibility and recognition whilst the swathes of red communicate passion and sensuality, with the iconic black bottle suggesting dark indulgence and intrigue.


‘LFH have been fantastic partners, taking us on this journey by creating a vibrant new design which communicates everything that Tia Maria is about – intrigue,heritage and passion, and the perfect starting point for any cocktail.’
Simona Bianco, Brand Manager

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Merry Christmas from us all at ILLUMINATION.