Structural and Graphic Design


Lierne Bakery is a Norwegian family baking business. Twenty years ago in the small mountainside village of Sørli in Trøndelag in Norway, an aunt and her nephew started making homemade cakes to sell to the local community.

The Challenge

To create an authentic looking and category breaking structural and graphic design which conveys heritage, traditional values and communicates a compelling brand story.

Illumination (The Big idea)

Inspired by ‘Scandinavian Christmas’, the typography of the brand mark represents piped icing, telling the story of the mountainside origins of Lierne Bakery and linking the different products in the range. The simple winter scene communicates the warmth and cosiness of a traditional Christmas whilst the new, ownable carton structure creates a natural, homemade feel, highlighting Lierne Bakery products as a natural every day choice, as well as a gift.

The design was extended across the Lierne Frozen Cakes range.


Lierne Bakery has been an incredible success, with all products flying off the shelves within weeks.

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Merry Christmas from us all at ILLUMINATION.