Graham Hawkins; the power of curiosity, passion and authenticity

This year, we celebrate our 20th anniversary. We all know that a lot has changed in those years but we were curious to find out how those changes have impacted on LFH and what plans there are for the future of the agency. What better person to ask than Managing Director and co-founder, Graham Hawkins. […]
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The case for sonic branding

Because our clients come to us for wide-ranging solutions to the brand challenges they are facing, we find ourselves exploring all sorts of possibilities when it comes to answering the brief to find new ways of engaging brands with consumers. As most people know, I have always been a musician at heart. Playing with bands […]
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Provenance: A vital ingredient for brands

A brand’s history – the story behind it – is often used to give authenticity and credibility to its proposition, often in the form of a crest, a coat of arms or a notable signature. However, newer brands aren’t so fortunate and often lack genuine historical credibility leaving them searching for different ways to appeal. […]
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LFH Opinion – less is more

During tough economic times ‘cost reduction’ is often a key driver for brand owners/retailers and, therefore, sustainability issues are often brushed under the carpet. In my opinion, however, the idea of cutting costs and creating greener packaging can sit by side on the agenda, even when times are tough. The use of raw materials in the manufacture […]
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Back to black

A colour very close to the designer’s heart is, of course, Black. Perhaps it’s the comfort – being neutral – knowing that it goes well with any other colour, whether we sketch it on a pad or select it on the computer screen. Indeed when we wear it, it becomes the basis of the much maligned ’designer uniform’. Ultimately it’s a colour that defines. However there’s […]
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