Jack of all Trades

Jack Daniels cemented itself as my all-time favourite Brand a couple of years ago, when I found a promotional film by Yee-Haw Industries, creating letterpress prints for the whiskey Brand.

Recently, I came across some new films on the Jack Daniels website celebrating Independence through craft. This time though Jack Daniels have teamed up with 3 studio’s across America: Jon Contino in New York, The Helms Workshop in Texas and Golden West Signs in California. It is inspiring to see such talented craftsmen at work, and to see some of the neat details in these films that perfectly epitomize the brand, such as pouring Jack Daniels into the paint used for printing, or using an old whiskey barrel to create wooden lettering.

Heres the result… Enjoy!

by Jon Contino, Brooklyn, New York


by The Helms Workshop, Austin, Texas


by Golden West Signs, Berkeley, California

I would love to see more of these in the future, but in the mean time… Who wants a drink?

Author: Luke Ferrand, Designer

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