Hearts for Christmas

In celebration of the release of our ┬áChristmas packaging designs for Norway-based ‘Lierne Bakeri‘, we decided to get together and decorate some of their Gingerbread Hearts, one of the four products in the range.

Decorating gingerbread hearts for Christmas is a Norwegian tradition, people give them as gifts – or as decorations in the home – over the festive period.

As you can see, this really got us in the festive spirit (although I have to tell you that it all got a bit competitive at times!).

We first hung them as decorations in the studio…

…but after a couple of days they were all gone, with only a few crumbs and ribbon left!

This Norwegian tradition is definitely one LFH will be adopting for Christmases to come…

…if only Lierne Bakeri would sell them in the UK!

Author: Candice Short, Account Executive

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