Back to black (again…)

Yesterday morning I was literally stopped in my tracks by a poster I saw on a platform at Waterloo station. I was not the only one transfixed and was, in fact, obscuring the view of another commuter who was taking a photo of the image. The work displayed is part of the ‘Art Below‘ project which provides artists with access to advertising space on the London Underground, where nearly 2 million people travel every day.

‘Pieter’ by Yury Ustsinau is part of a large collection of stark, amazingly distinguished surrealist works in black and white with a unique glossy feel which he has developed since graduating from Vitebsk Technological University, Belarus.

Much of his work can be found in private collections and various pieces have been represented in galleries and art exhibitions.

To enjoy some more of his artwork, please click here.

Author: Russell Hardingham, Design Director

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